The Brick Arrives and Starts To Form the walls!

January 12, 2014- Footers Dug and Concrete Poured!

January 7, 2014- 1st set of chairs are ready!

December 27, 2013- New Vip Section and Sidewalks are in!

November 27, 2013-Demolition of the existing bleachers and cutting poor soil and lifting out old broken concrete!

Later that Month- The Plan was made by Mike Baldwin!

October 3, 2014- It Begins

Stadium Renovation 2014

September 25, 2013 - We decided to begin an upgrade to our current facilities. A group met to put in input on an initial plan to renovate our existing bleachers. Ideas were collected from other high schools that did renovations to their facilities. Its hard to remember what they looked like and why we did this....

Great Brick Work by Manning Masonry!

At The same time....Press box time, drainage & new stairs

Finished Product is Close- March 28-30

Taylor Builders Forming and Concreting

VIP Sections added and we are Finished- April 4

Big Weekend in viking land- march 8-9

Another step closer to finishing- March 15-16